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Asain Brides: Ever Been Kidnapped?

Those of you familiar with Asian women, know that their parents are really strict and are all about the whole family honor thing. A little background, her mom loved me, and her dad couldn't stand that his sweet little daughter loved getting fucked by a black man. No, he wasn't one of those little bitch Asian guys from up north, he was one of the hardcore ones, from Cambodia (Khmer). He never said much, but always had a killer look.

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In order to avoid him and still have sex at her place, I was only allowed over when he was gone. Sometimes, I'd sneek over at night, when her parents were asleep. In one instance, I was down in her basement, her dad woke up, and went searching for her throughout the house. I ended up hiding in a dirty laundry bin for two hours, with someones dirty ass fucking underwear on my face as camouflage. But yeah, here's one where she practically kidnapped me:

Broke up with the Asian Sensation. She knows I have another girlfriend. Time to go get my mothafucking Zelda from her brother. I arrive at her place. Go to her brothers room. Chill with him for a little bit. She walks in...

Asian Sensation: "Come here."

Me: "No."

Asian Sensation: "I just wanna talk to you."

Me: "No."

Shit, I have to piss. I go use the restroom. Open the door. She pushes me back in...

Asian Sensation: "Why would you want to do this to me?"

I try to walk out. She starts pushing me back in again...

Asian Sensation: "Just wait, just wait! You know that I love you. Don't do this."

She starts grabbing my dick...

Asian Sensation: "Let's just have sex, one more time."

Me: "No."

Grabs my hand, places it up her silk skirt...

Asian Sensation: "Feel this."

Ooooo, damn. Hard for a nigga to resist some wet pussy. Fuck it. I bend her over the sink, slide right in...

Her Brother: "What are you two doing in there? I have to use the rest room."

Asian Sensation: "Just give us a few minutes, we're talking!"

He starts banging on the door even harder. Forget it. I pull up my pants. She opens the door. I try to head downstairs. Pulls me into her bedroom...

Me: "Your parents are gonna be here any minute now! I have to leave!"

Asian Sensation: "You're not going anywhere!"

Not going anywhere? Well, shit, her pussy is wet, and my dick is rock hard. I guess I can beat it up real quick. We fuck. She busts. Not satisfied. We fuck. She busts. Not satisfied. We fuck. She busts. Not satisfied. Fucking nympho. We fuck. What the fuck!?!

Voice: "Asian Sensation!!!!"


Asian Sensation: "You can't leave! They'll be gone soon. They won't come up here."

Of course they come up stairs...

Asian Sensation: "Hide! Quick!"

Where the fuck do I hide!? I'm not going under the bed. That's the first place they'll look. The closet. I'll hide in the fucking closet. I open the closet door...

Me: "What the fuck is this shit!?"

There are only shelves from the ground up. Shit. No time to think. They're coming...

Me: "Make sure you grab your lock and lock the closet door!"

Asian Sensation: "I don't need to, they won't look in there."

Shit. No time to argue with her. I hop on the shelf, and lay like a fetus with a pillow covering my face, as if I'm hiding, and my long ass legs aren't hanging out. She slams the closet door just as they're coming in...

Cousins: "What's that noise we heard?"

Asian Sensation: "Nothing."

Cousins: "We heard it, it was something."

Asian Sensation: "It was nothing."

Cousin: "Assanova is here, isn't he!? I'm telling!"

Asian Sensation: "He's not here!"

They look under the bed. Nothing. Cool. I'm safe...

Cousins: "What's in the closet?"

Asian Sensation: "Nothing!"

Cousins: "Assanova is in there!"

They reach for the door. I'm fucking sweating bullets. I can not be seen laying in the fucking fetal position on a shelf. God, they would laugh at me for days. Dumb cunt should have locked the fucking closet like I told her...

Asian Sensation: "He's not there, I promise!! Get out of my room!!"

They're rattling the door, shaking the handle. I am so fucking busted. She fights them off before they can open the door. By now, I'm about to piss my pants. I was sure that I was caught. She opens the closet door after she locks her room. I fall out, sit on the floor near her bed...

Asian Sensation: "Baby, I'm so sorry, so sorry."

She starts kissing me...

Asian Sensation: "I'm still horny."

Are you fucking kidding me? Well shit, my dick is still hard. Why not? We go one more round...who the fuck is that talking downstairs?

Asian Sensation: "Oh shit! My parents are home!"

That dumb cunt knew they were coming home all along...

Me: "I need to leave...NOW. I'll go out of your fucking window if I have to."

Asian Sensation: "You can't go out of my window, we're too far up."

Me: "So what are you saying?"

She smiles...

Asian Sensation: "You'll have to spend the night."

How the fuck do I explain this shit to my girlfriend?

Asian Sensation: "You don't have much of a choice right now."

Fuck......FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!! Fuck it! I'm passing out. Don't fucking touch me!

Man, this must be a good dream. It's almost like I'm having sex. Hold on a second, this feels too good to be a dream. I open my eyes. Fucking horny nympho!! How the fuck did she get my pants off!?