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Quickly Taking Mature Women Home

by Ira Reed

There are those of you that want to sleep with mature women on the same night that you meet them, but still have no clue of how to do it. When reading this post, keep in mind that there is more than one way to get a woman home and sleep with her. I just find this way to be the most efficient for me personally.

Alright, so while you’re reading this you’re probably thinking that only slutty mature women will sleep with men on the same night that they meet them, and I am here to tell you that you’re wrong. First off, let me remind you of how many mature women that you’ve probably talked to and didn’t take home on the same night. Even if only slutty mature women fucked men on the same night, there’s a good chance that you’ve probably missed out on multiple opportunities to take them home due to your own rambling and not acting fast. Not all slutty mature women make their sexual openness so obvious.

Going back to what I said about you thinking that the only mature women that will go home with and sleep with you being slutty. You are wrong. I use to think the same thing, that is, until I had more and more personal experience that would suggest otherwise. Over the years, I’ve taken home and slept with mature women that were virgins, mature women that have only slept with 1-3 guys in their entire lives, mature women who have never had a one night stand, and mature women who are as far from sluts as you can get—all on the same night of meeting them.

But how can this be? A girl I was seeing for awhile gave me insight on this very topic. She has never had a one-night stand, but she said she would IF it was the right guy. In other words, mature women going home and having sex with you isn’t a function of sluttiness, but rather, a function of being the right guy. Think about it, how many mature women will sleep with their favorite actor or musician on the first night if given the chance to? It doesn’t mean that they are slutty mature women, but rather, it means that they happened to come across the right guy.

What these mature women and you don’t realize, is that they happen to come across the right guy all of the time. The problem is that these guys don’t move fast enough, they end up saying something stupid, they try to trick the mature women into sleeping with them, they become needy, or they try to set up a date with these mature women. Why do I say this? When I keep my mouth shut, move fast, and don’t try to set up a date type scenario, I am pretty successful with getting mature women home and sleeping with them.

And the above isn’t with just one type of woman. If you were to ask me to categorize these mature women by their personality characteristics, I wouldn’t be able to do it; they are just too diverse. I’ve been with mature women that are sexually aggressive, mature women that are sexually submissive, mature women that are reserved, and mature women that are pretty open about their sexuality. In other words, if you are the right guy, you should be able to take mature women home on a fairly frequent basis, regardless of their personality characteristics.

Then what is my “secret”? If I am getting several indicators of interest from a girl, I move fast and sexually escalate the situation very quickly. What do I say? I figure out what the girl is doing later, and if she doesn’t know, or doesn’t have anything planned, I either tell her that I want to sleep with her, or I ask her to come home with me. Some of you may be thinking that this is a little absurd, but I assure you that it has worked so much for me that I can confirm that it is very reliable.

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Think about it. We don’t have each other’s phone numbers, so there is no chance of repercussion if she wants to hide what happens. She’s emotionally and sexually charged, which means there’s a much better chance of sex happening now versus later, and there is no break in her emotional state. Chances are, she probably rarely, if ever, has a one night stand, and mature women dream about these types of scenarios, so why wouldn’t she want a little excitement in her life (something of which I give a very good speech on)?

So what’s the worst thing that can happen? She might be on her period, or she might simply be dead set against a one-night stand. However, even then, she’s probably going to stick around. Why? Because she likes you and mature women are much more forgiving of men who go for it than they are of passive men who don’t take shots. Let’s not forget the many one night stands I’ve had where the mature women initially rejected my advances, only to jump on me a few minutes later, and the mature women that said they weren’t going to go home with or sleep with me, only to come find me later on and end up going home with me.

This is especially efficient with mature women who are actually out to get laid. Think about it. You boldly suggested going home together, and she knows that not only will you sleep with her, but you will be the aggressor. In other words, you are the sure thing. When a woman goes out to get laid, do you think she’s going to go home with the iffy guy, the guy that is passive and afraid, or is she going to go after the aggressive guy that laid out the sure thing? Keep in mind that I said all of this is assuming that she is attracted to you, and not you just going up to random girls that are showing no attraction for you and asking them if they want to go home with you.

When you’re out tonight, I want you to think about this post. I have flat out told mature women that I wanted to fuck them, and I’ve been successful with it; I’ve flat out told mature women that I wanted to fuck them in public, and I’ve been successful with it; I’ve suggested leaving bars and parties with all kinds of mature women within 5-10 minutes of meeting them, and I’ve been successful with it; and I’ve told mature women that I have every intention of taking them home, and I’ve been successful with it. It doesn’t matter what type of woman she is; the only thing that really matters is that she is sexually attracted to you.